Chain Migration Announcement

🙋‍♂️ Greetings everyone! Due to the current regulatory uncertainty in the crypto industry, and considering that the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a centralized network, the Film Vault Development Team (FVDT) has unanimously decided to refresh our strategy to build our ecosystem on a fully decentralized chain with a sound infrastructure strategy to support the expected growth of NFT’s and GameFi dApps.

After a thorough analysis, the FVDT decided to migrate and consolidate our existing FilmVault Smart Contracts within the Ethereum Network and BSC to the Avalanche Network, a decentralized, inexpensive, secured, scalable, and fast Ethereum-Virtual-Machine compatible blockchain.

We found the Avalanche Network to be a better fit for our Film Industry-related projects since it truly embraces and empowers the future of DeFi. Therefore, the FilmVault Liquidity Pool at PancakeSwap will be migrated to TraderJoe or Pangolin (yet to be determined) once we develop and deploy the upcoming Film Vault Web3 dApp on Avalance by leveraging Moralis.

Current FilmVault token holders may exit their positions within 24 hours from this release or by sending a direct message to Edward Mercado @wayacoin at your earliest convenience with your Avalanche wallet address to perform a manual FilmVault/BUSD swap.

Visionary FilmVault token holders would hold their positions and wait for the upcoming FilmVault/FilmVault Swap on Avalance.

To create your Avalanche wallet address please click here for instructions. To manage your Avalance wallet, we recommend Coin98 for mobile devices or METAMASK for desktop.

More exciting news coming up. Stay tuned!

Film Vault Development Team



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g.a. mercado

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