Official Announcement

Greetings everyone! Over the last six months estudios amazonia has seen with excitement the latest development of Descentralized Finance or DeFi and how it has enabled innovative Crypto-Financial Solutions within the Blockchain Ecosystem.

However, such unprecedented growth has also significatly increased Gas Prices (Gwei) at the Ethereum Mainnet Network.

Once we learned about the upcoming EIP-1559 (Berlin Fork), which was expected to address some of the high Gwei costs, we decided to hold back on the launch of our projects Film Vault and TheFaustFlick until then.

The Berlin Fork finally took place yesterday April 15, 2021. After reviewing the 7 Day Historical Gas Price chart, it seems that the upgrade failed to significantly reduce Gwei Prices.

Moreover, since Ethereum v2.0 full deployment will take another year by some estimates, estudios amazonia has decided, for the short-to-medium term, to migrate our upcoming projects from the Ethereum Network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Although we understand that BSC is a centralized network, it is a much nible ecosystem with afforable prices for most users when compared with the costs of working on the Ethereum ecosystem today.

We believe that Blockchain Technology and Ethereum Smart Contracts have enabled the most disruptive innovation to the financial landscape since the invention of paper currency over 1,000 years ago.

Crypto assets are bringing down the traditional walls of exclusion true to the legacy financial and banking services of today.

Therefore, we look forward for Ethereum v2.0 to be in place for estudios amazonia to relocate Film Vault and TheFaustFlick to a truly descentralized ecosystem.

More exciting news coming up. Stay tuned!

estudios amazonia c.a. is a film production company registered and headquartered in Caracas, District Capital, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 1060, with a branch office in Motril, Granada, Kingdom of Spain 18600.




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