v2.0 Released

Greetings everyone! estudios amazonia is thrilled to announce the v2.0 release of TheFaustFlick, a Comedy Film for the 10.4 Million LatinX frequent moviegoers who spend $2.8B at the U.S. Box Office.

TheFaustFlick (FAUST), a Special Purpose Vehicle for financing the Filmmaking Process and the Film Business Cycle, has been deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet after being successfully tested on BSC Testnet; it leverages OpenZeppelin v4.0 Smart Contacts, the standard for secure blockchain applications.

Contract Address: 0x0D99Cca1b44a1CCE5c9673e9a3C6636e51CB75C4

TheFaustFlick is the first Independent Film Project to be Executive Produced (financed and managed) via the Film Vault Protocol.

Film Vault Protocol (dApp) features:

access screenplays, reels and audited financial records.

governance for filmmaking and film business financing.

share profits from film projects multiple revenue sources.

submit screenplays for executive production assessment.

Fair Launch IDO Volume and Price

🔥 450,000 FAUST at 2 BUSD.

🏢 about estudios amazonia

A film production company registered as estudios amazonia c.a. on July 2005, at the 1st Mercantile Registry of District Capital, volume 68-A-Pro 12, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Fiscal Information Registry J-31338877–7.

estudios amazonia is headquartered in Caracas, District Capital, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 1060, and has a branch office in Motril, Granada, Kingdom of Spain 18600.

TheFaustFlick Legal Framework is bound by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s National Superintendence of Crypto-Assets and Related Activities, entity ascribed to the People’s Power Ministry for Industries and National Production.

TheFaustFlick is in full compliance with the Crypto-Assets Integral Systems (CIS) Law, issued by the Constituent National Assembly on Jan. 30, 2019.


estudios amazonia released TheFaustFlick v2.0 Whitepaper on Dec. 1st, 2020, which superseded TheFaustFlick original whitepaper, published on February 1st, 2019.




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