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With the advent of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), also known as Blockchain, the need of centralized databases to keep track of financial transactions has been forever challenged.

When the Bitcoin whitepaper, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, was eventually implemented and gradually adopted, the original programming code could not deliver on its main premise, as it became too slow and too expensive to make payments with BTC.

Therefore, new DLT projects with improved algorithms, such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple (just to name a few), came to fulfIll among other financial innovations, the original Bitcoin promise.

However, Bitcoin became much more than its whitepaper.

The hard-coded finite supply…

The logic behind the current banking system has remained pretty much the same since the mid 14th century when the early financing institutions, established at the Renaissance-leading city-states such as Florence, Venice and Genoa, were catapulted throughout the rest of Europe thanks to the rising of the new Holy Roman Empire.

In essence, a few powerful families involved in sea-trading activities, offered interests and issued notes for protecting and holding gold and other assets of the less powerful, or less resourceful, such as merchants, craftsmen, farmers, livestock farmers, organized looters, sorry, I meant, world explorers, adventurers and raiders. …

¡Saludos a todos! Durante los últimos seis meses, estudios amazonia ha visto con entusiasmo el desarrollo de las Finanzas Descentralizadas o «DeFi» y cómo estas han creado soluciones cripto-financieras realmente innovadoras dentro del ecosistema de «Blockchain».

Sin embargo, este crecimiento sin precedentes también ha causado un aumento significativo los Precios del Gas (Gwei) en la Red Principal de Ethereum.

Una vez que nos enteramos sobre la inminente implementación del EIP-1559 o «Berlin Fork», que se esperaba reducir parcialmente los altos costos del Gwei, decidimos retrasar el lanzamiento de nuestros proyectos Film Vault y TheFaustFlick hasta entonces.

El «Berlin Fork» finalmente…

Greetings everyone! Over the last six months estudios amazonia has seen with excitement the latest development of Descentralized Finance or DeFi and how it has enabled innovative Crypto-Financial Solutions within the Blockchain Ecosystem.

However, such unprecedented growth has also significatly increased Gas Prices (Gwei) at the Ethereum Mainnet Network.

Once we learned about the upcoming EIP-1559 (Berlin Fork), which was expected to address some of the high Gwei costs, we decided to hold back on the launch of our projects Film Vault and TheFaustFlick until then.

The Berlin Fork finally took place yesterday April 15, 2021. After reviewing the 7…

estudios amazonia enables transparency and engagement with film investors via a Smart Contract.

#TheFaustFlick is the first comedy film to be executive produced by a Smart Contract. #TheFaustFlick white paper is a sound business plan backed by a sound market study which highlights a latent opportunity: 8.3 million Hispanics go to the movies at least once a month in the U.S., who yearn to see good stories they can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with, and spend as much as $2.3 billions at the U.S. box office alone, year after year.

The filmmaking and film…

Venezuelan Dark Blue Pill #013

Since the conception of the Petro president Nicolás Maduro has been so eager to promote it that at times his announcement on this subject have been plagued with inconsistencies or have not been thought through enough, discounting from it what any unit holding of value needs the most: Trust.

Nonetheless over the last two months president Maduro has made the following announcements of real facts regarding the Petro that profoundly strengthen its value and enhance its adoption:

Petro Value

  • An allocation of an operational gold mine to each state and a bimonthly budget of 1 million Petros to be shared among them…

Venezuelan Dark Blue Pill #012

On September 29th, during the closure of the CINEMA AND AUDIOVISUAL ENCOUNTER — INNOVATE OR FAIL, the Venezuelan Minister for Culture Ernesto Villegas proposed the creation of a National Bank for Cinema and Audiovisual Projects in order to administer the 100 million (M) euros approved for this sector by president Nicolás Maduro a few days earlier.

Driven by our catastrophic economic crisis, the National Bank for Cinema proposal picks up from where the 2018 Exporta Cultura Program, an initiative that vanished the same day it was announced, left of; subtly and belatedly acknowledging: a) the existence of a film industry…

Venezuelan Dark Blue Pill #011

On September 27th president Nicolás Maduro inaugurated the CINEMA AND AUDIOVISUAL ENCOUNTER— INNOVATE OR FAIL, a 3-day event that took place in and around the National University for the Arts (UNEARTE). During his opening speech he made a remarkable announcement: an allocation of 100 million euros to reignite film making and audiovisual production.

Such significant funding follows a set of policies initiated by the late president Hugo Chavez to recognize, visualize and promote our national identity through the arts. …

Venezuelan Dark Blue Pill #010

Strategic Industrial Development, a pathway for a healthy economy.

Early this month President Nicolás Maduro summoned all Venezuelan scientists and innovators alike to submit projects or products into the National Plan for Technological Innovation (PNIT), a stimulus program managed by the Ministry for Science and Technology (MPPCT).

Subsequently Ms. Gabriela Jimenez, the head of the MPPCT, also announced that nine thousand million Bolivares, equivalent to 450,000 USD as of today’s exchange rate, have been allocated to the PNIT to fund initiatives that address our most pressing needs within the Agriculture, Electrical Generation, Water Works and Transportation sectors.

The PNIT platform…

Venezuelan Dark Blue Pill #009

It is arduous to create value, hence earn honest wealth.

A specter has been haunting Venezuelan politics since 1989, the specter of the Caracazo. Although it was not the domestic oil price increase alone the underlying cause of such disturbances then, but rather a deprecated economic model that at last collapsed by a single tap of the International Monetary Fund, it was indeed a local protest driven by the gasoline and the subsequent transportation fare hike that ignited riots nationally.

Ten years later international crude prices dropped to $11 per barrel, reaching WWII rock-bottom levels. Shortly after winning his first…

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